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Dao is the acronymous of Decentralized Autonomous Organization: a type of investment based on the creation of a mutual capital. Our DopeDAO will be composed by the 12% of the total amount of funds raised by the mint. With this considerable amount of money we will gain a fire power that, rather than do it alone, will allows us to do much more consistent investments in the NFTs market. The process starts with a pool proposal from our AlphaBoar that suggests a good project in which invest part of our DopeDAO funds. Thereafter at each of our holder will be asked to vote an approval or rejection. We are not proposing a financial advice, we will provide some characteristics of the project and data shown by marketing analytics tools only to support the (dyor) decision. • Royalties Sharing As we consider the creation of an organic community the pillar of our project development, we believe that rewards are as much. That’s the reason why we want to share the 30% of our royalties with our holders. For the newbie royalties are a sum that people must pay for the ongoing use of an asset, in this case royalties are considered as a part of the payment a buyer must sustain to take possession of our asset/assets.

• Deflationary System&PFPRevolution

We choose a supply of 10k for a reason: deflationary system. We intend to provide the possibility to burn your DopeBoars in exchange for $BOAR or a special 1:1 DopeBoars with traits of your own choice, it means rare, unique, and customized PFP. This is what we have decided to call as PFPRevolution because this move will take the collection to a next level, because reducing the supply will increase the value of the assets by creating a supply shock.

• Passive Staking

Our aim is to increase brand awareness as much as possible. We want to create The DopeBoars brand by ensuring transparency, by caring for our community, by having fun with our community. These are some of the reasons we propose you a passive staking, by staking your DopeBoars we offer the chance to obtain and keep obtain $BOAR. What do I do with my token?

• Boar Market

At this point we intend to create our own marketplace where NFTs and merch will be traded with $BOAR. More then a platform, we want to create a landmark where not only our holder, but everyone can feel as part of the The DopeBoars way.

• Second Collection

In our plan we have the creation and development of a II Collection, we won’t spoil the art, but we can reveal that part of the NFTs collection will be claimable with $BOAR token, the other part will be minted in SOL.

• Metaverse

With this great number of Boars hanging around, we thought that a home will be needed. That’s why we include the entrance in the metaverse of our DopeBoars to provide them a place to be, stay and share (and maybe play?) by buying a land in Sandbox.

• Merch&IRL Events

As mentioned before one of our goals is to create our own marketplace whereto trading NFTs and merch. We will create and produce a theme DopeBoars boarish merchandise collection that won’t be limited to hoodies and hats. After going through all this shit we deserve an IRL Event with all of you Mfers.